Annual Routine Physical Incentive Program

In January of 2018, Mosaic Life will no longer provide Bio- Metric Screenings for the membership.
The Fund strongly encourages the Routine Physical paid @ 100% through your medical benefit.

The Incentive Program now entitles a “Member and spouse” to a benefit credit of $375.00 each to be credited to your Wellness Benefit Account.

The Fund strongly encourages all members and spouses with the opportunity to participate to take advantage of this benefit.

How does the Program work?

Get your Annual Routine Physical January 2020- December 2020. Please use MOKAN’s Physical Form provided.(See the back side of the page for the form)
You will earn $375.00 for your Wellness Benefit Account.
For more information about the Annual Routine Physical Program, please call 816-531-0334 or 866-531-5488.

Mailing Address:
Mo-Kan Sheet Metal
Workers Welfare Fund
P.O. Box 300019
Kansas City, MO 64130-0019

Download the Form