Little Stars® Prenatal Program

All the Best for Your Baby

Expecting your bundle of joy can be exciting and overwhelming. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) offers moms-to-be a special program called Little Stars. It’s just one way Blue KC can help you ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

How Does Little Stars Work?

The program pairs each mom-to-be with a prenatal nurse. The nurse will work closely with you and your prenatal healthcare provider. Your nurse can answer questions and help you access a case manager if your pregnancy is particularly challenging.

Health Assessment

To enroll, you will be asked to complete and return a health assessment form. The form is used to help your nurse meet your needs throughout your pregnancy.

Individualized Support

Your nurse will help you throughout your pregnancy. He or she will work with your prenatal healthcare provider to meet your needs. If you have any difficulties, your nurse can help you seek appropriate care.


Blue KC wants to help you learn about your pregnancy. Once you enroll in the program, we will send you some educational materials. Ask your nurse if you need additional information.

Prenatal Vitamins

Enrolling in Little Stars makes you eligible to receive free prenatal vitamins. The free prenatal vitamins do not contain a DHA supplement. Be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements, including prenatal vitamins.

Member Experiences

“Pregnant with my second child, I had hoped I would experience the same great caring support with Little Stars as I did the first time around. I was not disappointed. Again I received information in the mail welcoming me to the program and phone calls from a nurse who kept in contact with me throughout my pregnancy. It’s so nice to have easy access to so much information and helpful, caring people. Plus, I especially loved receiving the free prenatal vitamins!”

Reagan, Blue KC Member
Little Stars Program Participant

Little Stars®, continued

Member Experiences, continued

“The materials I received from the Little Stars Prenatal nurse really helped me understand everything about my pregnancy throughout each stage including labor, delivery and beyond. With the help of those materials, I was fortunate to recognize the signs of labor and delivered a healthy baby four weeks pre-term. The Little Stars nurse helped me understand how to add my baby to my healthcare plan. But what I really enjoyed most was just having someone with which to share my excitement and stress.”

Ella, Blue KC Member
Little Stars Program Participant

“Little Stars was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the one-on-one care I received from a nurse outside my OB’s office. Having a nurse I could talk to about issues I was experiencing with my pregnancy was wonderful, especially when I thought I was having pre-term labor. She was able to help me distinguish labor contractions from other symptoms as well as other late pregnancy signs to be watchful for and what to report to my OB right away.”

Kathryn, Blue KC Member
Little Stars Program Participant

Enroll Today

You may enroll in this program at any time following a positive pregnancy test. For more information or to sign up, call 816-395-3964 or 800-892-6116, ext. 3964.

Por favor llámenos al 816-395-3964 o al 1-800-892-6116, extensión 3964 si desea que esta información en español.