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If you purchase an over-the-counter COVID-19 test from a pharmacy, store, or online retailer and are charged for your test, submit to Elixir for reimbursements ( see form). If your plan has not set up a network of preferred stores, pharmacies, and online retailers at which you can obtain a test with no out-of-pocket expense, you will be reimbursed the amount of the cost of the test. For example, if you buy a two-pack of tests for $34, the plan or insurer would reimburse $34. 

If your plan has set up a network of preferred stores, pharmacies, and online retailers at which you can obtain a test with no out-of-pocket expense, you can still obtain tests from other retailers if you buy them outside of that network. Your plan is required to reimburse you at a rate of up to $12 per individual test (or the cost of the test, if less than $12).  Save your receipt(s) to submit to Elixir for reimbursement at a rate of at least $12 per individual test (or the cost of the test, if less than $12).

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Changes and MoKan Updates

New For 2022

2022 Employee Benefits

What’s Changing For 2022?

Mo-Kan continues to work diligently to offer our members a competitive benefits offering, even with significant increases in claims costs. To ensure that we can continue to care for our members and their families, the following changes will be effective January 1, 2022.

In-Network Medical Plan Changes — Here Is What It Means For You

  • The annual in-network deductible will continue to be $700 per individual and $1,400 per family.
  • The medical in-network out-of-pocket maximum will be $4,000 per individual and $8,000 per family. Deductible amounts apply toward these maximums.
  • The out-of-network coinsurance will be adjusted to 50%.
  • The COBRA rate is $1,385.53. Please contact the Fund office if you have any questions.
  • Certain preventive services and medications will be covered at 100%. Refer to or contact the Fund office for more information.

New Annual Physical Requirement

The Fund strongly encourages our membership to get an annual routine physical to better manage their health. The routine physical is paid at 100% through your medical benefit. In 2022, the Incentive Program entitles a member and spouse to a benefit credit of $375.00 each to be credited to your Wellness Benefit Account.

  • Beginning in 2023, members who receive an annual physical will experience a decrease in their in-network deductible, which will be $500 per individual and $1,000 per family. If you do not receive a valid annual physical in 2022, your in network deductible will increase to $1,500 per individual and $3,000 per family beginning in 2023. The Wellness Benefit Account will not receive additional contributions beginning in 2023. All funds that participants have earned and are held in your Wellness Benefit Account will continue to be available.

New Vision Plan! Davis Vision

We will partnering with Davis Vision to provide you more comprehensive vision coverage. Going forward, when you utilize a Davis Vision in-network provider you will receive an eye exam at no out-of-pocket cost! You will then have a $350 allowance to spend on frames, materials, and lenses, or toward contact lenses. Find an in-network provider at More information will be available soon!

Dental Plan

Mo-Kan will continue to partner with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City to provide dental coverage. Be sure to confirm your current provider is in the Blue Dental PPO or GRID network in order to avoid balance billing.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds provides several core services to help members and their dependents enrolled in the medical plan make medical decisions. Whether you’re looking for a new provider or seeking a second opinion regarding a diagnosis or treatment plan, Grand Rounds can help with every step.

Phone: 800-929-0926

More From Grand Rounds Health

Meet Buddy, a Grand Rounds Member from Grand Rounds Health on Vimeo.

Grand Rounds Guide – Click here for the How-To-Guide


Mo-Kan Sheet Metal Workers Welfare Fund Wellness Program

All members interested in participating in the Fund’s annual Wellness Program/Health Screening contact us at 1(816)531-0334 or 1(866)531-5488



Contact Our Office

Contact Us (816)531-0334

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